Which Lenz heated socks are right for me?

Lenz heating socks are an absolute premium product and you will enjoy them for a very long time. 

It is therefore all the more important to choose the right socks in the right size. Please read through the most important questions and answers of the Bergfritz Lenz sock advice. If you don't find an answer, please contact us (info@bergfritz.ch). We are really happy to help you and know the products very well.


Which heating socks does Bergfritz recommend for skiing?

The classic among the Lenz heated socks for skiing is the model 5.0.

The Lenz 5.0 is also available in a SLIM version. We recommend the SLIM version for women and men with a rather narrow footbed. There is no difference between the two models at the calf.


What is the special feature of the Lenz 6.0? Is this the latest model?

Often customers want to buy the Lenz 6.0 because they think it is simply the latest and greatest model.  

In truth, however, the 6.0 is simply an alternative model with a slightly different application area.

The Lenz 6.0 is a compression sock. We recommend this one to ambitious athletes. Also, this pair of socks is very often worn in the Ski World Cup and ski racing.

Compression socks like the Lenz 6.0 put more ambient pressure on the muscles. The slight pressure exerted onthe muscles by the sports compression socks causes the muscles surrounding the artery to relax because they themselves have to exert less pressure. Thus, these stockings can also be slightly performance-enhancing.


Which heating socks does Bergfritz recommend for riding, hunting or walking with your beloved four-legged friend?

The most popular here is the somewhat cheaper entry-level model 4.0 from Lenz.


Why are the heating socks tight?

In order for the heating performance to be perfect and for you to get a pleasantly warm feeling, the heating socks should fit snugly. This is especially important in ski boots, so that no annoying sock creases form.


I like to wear the socks a little wider. What do you say?

In ski boots it is important to wear the socks close-fitting. For other sports or activities and depending on the footwear, this is sometimes less important. We recommend the Lenz 4.0 (but this is also rather tight). Due to the different knitting pattern, however, the 4.0 feels a little wider.


Which Lenz size is right for me?

 Just decide for the size that you effectively wear otherwise. The socks have also processed spandex in the footbed for the length and thus adapt to your individual foot shape and length.

In the rare case that you need a larger or smaller version, an exchange with us is very uncomplicated. Please note the following information: 

We are happy if you decide on a size when ordering and try it on with care when you receive it. If the size does not fit, just send us a short email and tell us which size you would like to have.

You will then receive the desired size on the next working day and also a prepaid return label for the unsuitable article. With this, you can return the exchange item to the post office free of charge.

Please also note the Bergfritz Fairness Program, which regulates the handling of returns.


Lenz heated socks have a merino wool content. Is that really an advantage?

Yes, merino wool has some real advantages:

  • The wool is very cuddly and does not scratch and has many advantages especially for functional underwear.
  • Insulates particularly well against cold
  • Transports moisture
  • Merino wool is particularly light


Which Lenz battery is the right one for me? rcB1200 or rcB1800?

Lenz offers its battery in two power levels: rcB1200 and rcB1800. The rcB1800 has a 50% higher power duration than the rcB1200.

For a normal ski day from 09.00h to 16.00h with a fine lunch in the warm mountain restaurant the rcB1200 is always good enough.

For long ski days, for tourers or even if there are only limited charging possibilities on multi-day tours, we definitely recommend the rcB1800 battery.

Compared to the already high total price of the Lenz heating socks purchase, the surcharge for the rcB1800 is relatively manageable or at Bergfritz only about CHF 30. We think that is very often well invested, because you this battery should still provide its service in years.


Should I buy the rcB1200 with or without Bluetooth?

The rcB1200 is available with or without Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth function, you can monitor and control the temperature of your heating sock at any time via an app on your mobile phone.

At Bergfritz, we thought for a long time that this was just another funny marketing gag and would hardly bring any advantages in practice. No one will control the temperature on the chairlift via mobile phone. But far from it - at the latest when playing cards in the mountain restaurant, we noticed how convenient the control via mobile phone can be. Conclusion: Bluetooth is not necessary - but can still be a nice gadget.


Are Lenz heated socks worth the money?

In the end, that's something everyone has to decide for themselves. 

Lenz hay socks are really expensive. But honestly, you really get the very best product on the market.

Otherwise, our DW-Mountaintec heating socks are also a good and clearly cheaper alternative for you. Especially for occasional athletes or all those for whom "just good" is already enough, this is an option.