Lenz heating socks

heated socks

Lenz heating socks and DW™-Mountaintec heating socks low prices

Lenz heating socks

The Lenz heated socks are an absolute premium product and are available from Bergfritz in all designs:

Lenz heating socks 4.0 Set - the entry-level variant of Lenz

Lenz heating socks 5.0 - the absolute bestseller and classic

Lenz heated socks 5.0 Slim Set - with extra narrow footbed and therefore very popular especially with ladies.

Lenz heated socks 6.0 Set Merino Compression - the ultimate ski sport sock with an extra high merino content for demanding recreational athletes and tourers.

Heating socks from DW™-Mountaintec

DW™-Mountaintec heating socks



Our brands: Lenz and DW™-Mountaintec

In addition to Lenz heating socks we also offer DW™-Mountaintec. We have thus created a very attractive offer for winter sports enthusiasts in the lower price segment. Heating socks from DW™-Mountaintec are available from CHF 99.90 including battery pack and are therefore a real Bergfritz recommendation and often first choice in the shop.

With Lenz heated socks, innovative technology and the most modern processing ensure a unique foot experience. Bergfritz especially likes the easy attachment of the batteries via push-button system or the control via mobile phone (Bluetooth). The choice of materials (some with a high proportion of merino) also clearly shows that Lenz wants to establish itself as market leader in the heating sock sector and does not make any compromises.

With the Lenz heated socks app you can easily adjust the heat level via smartphone. It also gives you an overview of the current charge level of your Lithium Pack. Thanks to the interval function, the heating time is extended. You can find the download links for the app directly on the Lenz website.

Attractive combination offers with heating socks from Lenz

Bergfritz has an attractive combination offer for all Lenz heated socks with gloves from Snowlife. Lenz and the Swiss brand Snowlife have been working closely together for years. With the Heat DT, Snowlife offers probably the best and warmest glove in the world. 

The heated socks from Lenz in detail

In general, Lenz heated socks are very popular with demanding athletes. They are used both in leisure sports and in professional environments.

The functional socks from Lenz have an integrated (sewn-in) heating element of the latest generation. This also completely encloses the toe area. The mix of high-quality materials deserves special attention. The use of merino wool in particular supports optimum moisture transport. Cleverly attached padding and protectors in exposed areas ensure optimum trans- comfort. This also applies to the elastic ring bandages in the foot area.

Customers appreciate the simple attachment of the battery packs via Lenz's own push-button system on the waistband of the heating socks.

The Heat Sock 4.0 model is also highly appreciated by employees with outdoor work in winter and is considered the entry level model.

The hit: The combination offer from DW™-Mountaintec

The heated socks from DW™-Mountaintec are available in a combination with a heated DW™-Mountaintec glove for just over CHF 200.

The Bergfritz delivery promise

All heating socks from Lenz and DW™-Mountaintec available in the shop are in stock in the listed sizes in sufficient quantity. So we guarantee a delivery on the next working day for orders until 15h. Of course you will receive a tracking code after the shipment.